I make websites, shoot and edit video, take photos pretty well and I'm not too bad at designing stuff. I'm not an expert at any of those things but then I'm not fixing the brakes on your car or replacing one of your kidneys.

I don't talk corporate and to quote that bloke who died in a wardrobe with an orange up his bottom: "If a man's words are no better than silence, he should stay silent"

If I do work for you and mention the word "synergy" I'll knock a tenner off of your bill.

My best asset is my availability and my passion is the Apollo missions. If you think the moon landings were faked you are quite simply an idiot.

I once sold myself my own shoes and if we ever have a spot of lunch I'll tell you how it happened. It's not that great a story but I have others.

Here's my office and a little guide to what you might find there. You also might like to browse a set of completely ficticious quotes on my testimonials page.

Steve Olive. Missing Man

p.s - Despite me not really being the 'business' type, it has been suggested that I should offer a way for people to get in touch. Personally I think that's a little presumptious but here you go: click here.